The Video Dental Assisting School® programs provide comprehensive entry level training and cross-training knowledge for the staff of dental practices. The programs can be used also by individuals who have no dental training and who desire a career as a member of a dental team. These award-winning programs were written and designed by practicing dentists and are registered in the Library of Congress. Both programs are used currently in the curricula of community colleges, trade schools, and by individual dental practitioners.

Staff turnover or absences due to illness/vacations/PTO are ongoing issues for dental practices. Temporary or permanent replacement of staff has both tangible and intangible costs. Tangible costs include separation costs, vacancy costs, replacement costs, and training costs. Intangible costs include stress and tension because of uncompensated and increased workload on the remaining staff and a decrease in productivity due to loss of team synergy. The Video Dental Assisting School® programs enable practitioners to prepare in advance or to deal effectively with these issues when they arise.

The Video Dental Assisting School® programs are fully integrated, unique, self-study video training programs that provide unparalleled knowledge about the workings of the front and back offices of dental practices. They are proven to produce fast, predictable results and after completion, a potential team member can blend seamlessly into individualized on-site training. Applicants with no dental field experience can become a dental assistant or dental business administrator quickly and easily. Dentists can use the Video Dental Assisting School® programs to hire a personality fit for their teams or to cross-train existing staff; individuals can train at home anytime for a career change.